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Nitrogen foam flooding device for oil and gas filed

Low installation and running costs and  low maintenance nitrogen compressor.

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Nitrogen foam flooding device for oil and gas filed

Product Description

The gas injected by nitrogen foam flooding device can drive and sweep to the parts that cannot be affected by water flooding and are difficult to be mined, thus improving the sweep volume of oil layer.

Because of the gas seepage resistance is far less than the filtrational resistance of injection liquids, gases can enter the water flooding affected less than the low permeable formation (part), especially those different deposition conditions by successive parts, this has not been used, difficulty in mining area of remaining oil displacement sweep out, so as to improve the swept volume of reservoir.

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Technical parameters of nitrogen compressors



volume flow

 (m3 /min)

Inlet pressure


Exhaust pressure (MPa)

Motor power (Kw)


Nitrogen hydrogen






Nitrogen hydrogen





PS:The above models are only partial specifications.Our company can design and manufacture nitrogen compressors suitable for customers' special working conditions and technical requirements.Please contact our company.

Advantages of nitrogen foam flooding device

From the domestic and foreign gas injection field practice, the mechanism of gas injection to improve recovery can be summarized as follows:

1.Nitrogen injection is conducive to maintaining formation pressure.After injecting stratum,it has certain elastic potential energy.

Its energy release can play a good role in gas lift and exhaust.

2.The nitrogen injected into the reservoir will first occupy the oil pore channels in the porous media, and drive the crude oil in the original bound state out of the pore channels into flowing crude oil, thus improving the oil displacement efficiency.

3.Immiscible displacement:nitrogen,oil and water form an emulsion, which reduces the viscosity of crude oil and improves oil displacement efficiency. The gravity separation between the injected fluid and reservoir fluid forms immiscible flooding, which can improve the vertical operation of the reservoir and improve the development effect.

4.The water phase mainly sweeps the middle and lower part of the oil layer, and the injected nitrogen gas phase overlays the upper part of the main oil layer due to gravity differentiation, and the gas-liquid alternately sweeps different oil-bearing pore channels, which reduces the water saturation and the permeability of the water phase, and to some extent improves the swept coefficient of water flooding and the swept volume of water flooding.

Why Choose Our Compressor?

1. Owning special mechanical machining, welding cold making, fabrication testing, measuring and detecting capacities and complete range of technical testing equipment;

2. Can strictly accord with client’s site conditions to specially make deformation deisgn and manufacture;

3. The most competitive price in China on the same quality and service level;

4. Yearly 365-day response client’s query after sale.

Buyer's Notes

To have prompt and exact evaluation from factory, the following informations are essential to be provided by customer while inquiring:


1. Exact compression media: flammable, toxic, oxygen, inert gases. Preferably the gas composition can be provided;

2. Suction pressure, discharge pressure, flow capacity of compressor;

3.Compressor Control system: Requirement for manual start or full automatic control;

4.Compressor Electric parameters: Voltage, frequency, phase;

5. Any special requirement for compressed gas temperature, equipment package, configuration and etc..


We also can design piston reciprocating compressors according to clients' parameters to satisfy client's local environment and different needs. 

More detailed information can be provided with further communication.

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