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Founded in 1982, Longhua Company is located in Bengbu City, Anhui Province, China. It specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of cold chamber die casting machines, die casting peripheral equipment, oilfield equipment and new energy equipment. We are factory direct sales, no middlemen make the difference, and give the biggest discount to our customers.

On December 10, 2005, Wang Jinshan, secretary of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, pointed out during his visit to Longhua that “Longhua people should strengthen science and technology, establish credibility, value talents, and pursue independent innovation”.

On November 7, 2017, Longhua won the National High-tech Enterprise Certificate!

On June 26, 2019, Longhua was successfully selected for the National Science and Technology Innovation Special Issue!

Since 2006, the company has established a die casting machine production base with large-scale institutions such as Anhui Science and Technology Research Institute and Hefei Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences to jointly develop and produce intelligent die-casting machines and oilfield equipment. And new energy equipment

Longhua series die casting machine and oilfield equipment, new energy equipment was awarded the title of quality product by the Ministry of Machinery Industry of the People's Republic of China. They are the only products to date that have won this award.

Longhua intelligent die-casting machine and oilfield equipment, new energy equipment project has been awarded: State Intellectual Property Office: "37 invention patents, 3 utility model patents", "National Torch Program", "two national high-tech product certificates" ", "Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Achievement Certificate 18", "Foundry Machinery Industry Standard Demonstration Unit", "China Quality Association Director Unit", "Heavy Contract and Credit Enterprise", "Import and Export Product Exemption", "Anhui Private Cross-border Power Association Deputy Chairman unit "honor.

Longhua's domestic die casting machine customers mainly include: ilek Group (Taiwan Wangxu Group), Anhui (Shenzhen) Dafu Electromechanical Group and other enterprises

Longhua domestic oilfield equipment customers mainly include: Shengli Oilfield, Daqing Oilfield, Changqing Oilfield, Liaohe Oilfield, Sichuan Oilfield, Huabei Oilfield, Dagang Oilfield, Karamay Oilfield, Zhongyuan Oilfield, Jilin Oilfield and other enterprises.

Longhua's quality goal is "Today's quality means tomorrow's market."

Domestic intelligent die casting machine and oilfield equipment, new energy equipment, help technology to make intelligence easier

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