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  • Do you know what are the die casting materials? Do you know what are the die casting materials?
    Die-casting is a type of pressure-casting part. It is a die-casting mechanical die-casting machine equipped with a casting mold. The heated liquid metal is poured into the inlet of the die-casting machine. Size parts, such parts are often called die castings. So what materials are usually available for die casting? Bengbu Longhua Die Casting Machine takes you to find out. The main alloy materials for die casting are tin, lead, zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper. Zinc and aluminum alloys are the most widely used, followed by magnesium and copper alloys. At present, zinc, aluminum and magnesium alloys are mainly used in the electronics industry. Die-cast zinc alloy The molten state of the zinc alloy is very good, with a low melting point of only 365 degrees. Various post-processing can be performed, such as plating. Therefore, it has a wide range of uses. It was also used a lot in the mobile phone industry before, but because of the large ratio, the poor corrosion resistance was gradually eliminated by aluminum alloys. Currently the most used is the bathroom industry. Alloys 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 are commonly used, and currently the most widely used is alloy 3. Die-cast aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy has low density but high strength. It is close to or exceeds high-quality steel. It has good plasticity and can be processed into various profiles. It has excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in industry, and its usage is second only to steel. . The specific weight of aluminum alloy is only about 1/3 of that of iron, so it is very important in various industries at present, especially in the indispensable role in the lightweight process of aircraft, ships, automobiles, and electronic equipment. Commonly used are Al-Si-Cu series, and ADC12 (A383), ADC10 (A380) are common. There are also Al-Si-based, Al-Si-Mg-based, and Al-Mg-based. What is currently called aluminum-titanium alloy is modified by adding titanium metal to the above materials. Adding titanium metal can significantly improve the mechanical properties of the product. Die-cast magnesium alloy Magnesium alloy is an alloy composed of magnesium and other elements. Its characteristics are: low density, high specific strength, large specific modulus of elasticity, good heat dissipation, good shock absorption, greater shock load capacity than aluminum alloy, and good resistance to organic and alkali corrosion. The specific gravity of magnesium is about 2/3 of aluminum and 1/4 of iron. Therefore, it is widely used in mobile phones, communication equipment and other electronic equipment, auto parts, and medical equipment. At present, the most widely used are magnesium aluminum alloys, followed by magnesium manganese alloys and magnesium zinc zirconium alloys. Commonly used grades are AZ91D, AM60B, AM50A, AS41B and so on. With the continuous improvement of the development level of the domestic manufacturing equipment industry, the equipment l...
  • Talking about the Importance of Die Casting Die to Die Casting Production Talking about the Importance of Die Casting Die to Die Casting Production
    Foreword: There will be quality problems with different factors in the production process of die casting. In addition to the instability of the system caused by the failure of die casting equipment, equipment performance and quality, there are some auxiliary equipment (such as die cylinder, punch, cooling pipe network, etc.) Accuracy and the quality of auxiliary materials can have a certain impact on the production of die-casting (such as mold release agents, lubricating beads, cooling water), and the purity of aluminum liquid will also bring corresponding instability factors (such as scrap products, gates, The proportion of overflow block and cleaning material), and control of melting process.(Bengbu Longhua Die Casting Machine Co., Ltd.) Although the above-mentioned various causes cause a great disadvantage to the production and quality of die-casting, these problems are relatively intuitive and relatively easy to solve. In the process of die-casting production, common and difficult-to-resolve quality problems often trouble us. An enterprise (such as air bubbles. Pores, slag holes, pinholes, cracking, chipping, strain, deformation, misalignment, cold material, cold grain, cold grain, cold casting, looseness, shrinkage, mold flying, etc.), It even hinders the development of die casting (high cost and low efficiency), and the leading cause of these difficult and frequent quality problems is what die casting molds do.(Bengbu Longhua Die Casting Machine Co., Ltd.) From the above analysis, we can understand that the improvement of efficiency, the guarantee of product quality, and the good economic benefits are closely related to the development, design, and maintenance of molds. In the past, technicians used the quality of the entire die casting production process, Efficiency, revenue and cost control are divided into: molds account for 60%, machine performance accounts for 15%, accessories and accessories account for 5%, process parameter debugging accounts for 10%, and manual operation accounts for 10%, as a basic management of the entire process of die casting production Standard, but with the wide application of die castings in various industries, especially in recent years, it is widely used in high-end equipment and equipment (such as automobiles, high-speed rail, communications, aerospace, etc.), and its quality requirements for die castings are more stringent. Various industries have also made corresponding technical standards. Therefore, I believe that in the past, the management and control division of the die-casting production process should be advanced with the times and be re-integrated, so that we can better understand and identify and better control production. Run the process data control of each process to maximize our revenue, so I personally think that the improvement of product quality is the first It has higher requirements for the performance and stability of the equipment, and has a deeper understanding of the quality and use...
  • Die castings application Die castings application
    Die-casting is a kind of pressure-casting part. It is a pressure-casting mechanical die-casting machine with a casting mold. The metal such as copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy heated to liquid is poured into the inlet of the die-casting machine. Die casting, casting copper, zinc, aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts of the shape and size of the mold, such parts are often called die castings. Die-casting parts have different names in different places, such as die-casting parts, pressure castings, die-casting parts, die-casting aluminum, die-casting zinc parts, die-casting copper parts, copper die-casting parts, zinc die-casting parts, aluminum die-casting parts, aluminum die-casting parts, aluminum pressing. Alloy castings, aluminum alloy die-cast parts, etc.
  • Application of die casting machine Application of die casting machine
    Long Hua die-casting machines are applicable to manufacture of automobile and motorcycle parts (engine cylinder block, cylinder head, crankcase, hinged door covers, oil pan, gearbox housing, gearbox end cap, dashboard, etc.), electric escalator handrail/steps, industrial/road/railway/air/agricultural machinery, streetlights shells,potlight shells, building material parts, furniture, aluminum arts, copper arts, magnesium alloy products, non-ferrous metal processed products and other die casting products.
  • Wide application of die casting machine in life Wide application of die casting machine in life
    Die-casting parts can be manufactured as die-casting auto parts, die-casting automotive engine fittings, die-casting air-conditioning fittings, die-casting gasoline engine cylinder heads, die-casting valve rocker arms, die-casting valve bearings, cast power fittings, die-casting motor end caps, die-cast housings, die-casting pumps Parts such as shells, die-casting construction parts, die-casting decorative parts, die-casting guardrail fittings, die-casting wheels, etc., with the continuous improvement of the development level of the domestic manufacturing equipment industry, the equipment level of the die-casting machine is also significantly improved, and the types of parts that can be manufactured are also constantly The expansion, the precision of the die-cast parts, and the complexity of the parts have also been greatly improved. I believe that in the near future, die-casting parts will better serve our production and life!
  • Automotive die-casting parts Automotive die-casting parts
    Automotive die-casting parts mainly include: aluminum die-casting automobile engine pipe fittings, aluminum die-casting engine cylinders, aluminum die-casting gasoline engine cylinder heads, aluminum die-casting valve rocker arms, aluminum die-casting valve bearings, aluminum die-casting power fittings, aluminum die-casting motor end caps, aluminum die-casting shells Body, aluminum die-casting pump housing, aluminum die-casting construction fittings, aluminum die-casting decorative fittings, aluminum die-casting railing fittings, aluminum die-casting aluminum wheels.

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