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Wide application of die casting machine in life


Die-casting parts can be manufactured as die-casting auto parts, die-casting automotive engine fittings, die-casting air-conditioning fittings, die-casting gasoline engine cylinder heads, die-casting valve rocker arms, die-casting valve bearings, cast power fittings, die-casting motor end caps, die-cast housings, die-casting pumps Parts such as shells, die-casting construction parts, die-casting decorative parts, die-casting guardrail fittings, die-casting wheels, etc., with the continuous improvement of the development level of the domestic manufacturing equipment industry, the equipment level of the die-casting machine is also significantly improved, and the types of parts that can be manufactured are also constantly The expansion, the precision of the die-cast parts, and the complexity of the parts have also been greatly improved. I believe that in the near future, die-casting parts will better serve our production and life!

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