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Management of Die Casting Machines


  As we all know, the factors that affect product quality are people, machines, materials, law, and environment. The "machine" is the equipment. This article mainly refers to the die casting machine. It is one of the important factors to ensure the quality of the die casting. Without a well-equipped die casting machine, it is impossible to produce high quality die castings. Talking about equipment must involve equipment purchase, acceptance, and subsequent maintenance. Today, Bengbu Longhua Die Casting Machine focuses on a brief description of the equipment management work in the die casting workshop.

Procurement of equipment

  As the basic technical equipment of die-casting, the die-casting machine has a very important influence on many factors such as product quality, production cost and production efficiency in the production process. For this reason, the detailed selection of die casting machine and auxiliary equipment must be demonstrated.

(1) Die casting machine selection Die casting machine selection is actually divided into two cases to distinguish. First of all, for companies that are just beginning to engage in die-casting production, targeted selection analysis should be performed. The main selection basis is the current product that needs to be produced. It can be verified according to related technical standards such as the projected area of the product and quality requirements. Detailed calculations in this regard can be found in some related die casting books. Secondly, for companies that have already purchased some die-casting machines, the selection of equipment for re-purchasing cannot be based on the current production of the product. It should also take into account the company's subsequent development needs and the consideration of the series of die-casting equipment. Sometimes, we will temporarily adopt a "big horse drawn cart" measure and temporarily purchase a larger die-casting machine for production. When the product batch is large and stable, we can customize and increase or decrease the equipment configuration according to the actual demand to achieve the special machine. The purpose of reducing procurement costs and improving labor productivity.

(2) Die casting machine performance requirements The parameters of different types of die casting machines will have great differences, and should be selected according to the different needs of various enterprises. Excessive requirements for the performance of the die casting machine will inevitably increase the price of the equipment. For example, the air injection speed of a die-casting machine is a parameter to be considered. For companies that only produce aluminum alloy products, it is not necessary to choose a die-casting machine with an air injection speed of 8.0 m / s or more. Those who need to produce magnesium alloy castings It is obviously inappropriate for a company to choose a die casting machine with an injection speed below 6.0m / s. The performance and stability of the die-casting machine has a great impact on the stability of the quality of the die-casting parts, which should be paid attention when selecting the manufacturer of the die-casting machine. The main factors affecting the stability of die casting machines are cooling systems, hydraulic systems, and electrical systems.

  The dimensions of the interface between the pressure chamber and the die of the die casting machine are shown in Figure 1. D2 and h in the figure are the dimensions of the die casting machine. Each die casting machine manufacturer has its own standard, but it may not be applicable to all die casting companies. In order to achieve the purpose of rapid mold replacement in subsequent production, each die casting company It is necessary to effectively integrate this size to ensure that when some equipment fails in production, the existing mold can be quickly replaced to other equipment, and the existing mold cannot be used in other equipment because of the difference in the size of the equipment interface. Production on equipment.

  During the use of the die-casting machine, some of the hydraulic core-pulling molds will be retracted. Sometimes the retracted size exceeds the allowable range of the product, causing the product to be scrapped. The problem of backing out of the core casting process of die-casting molds has long plagued mold manufacturers and die-casting manufacturers. After our research on the hydraulic system of the die-casting machine, we found that due to the inadequate design of the hydraulic system of the equipment, the core pulling back. In order to solve this problem, a set of hydraulic control check valve needs to be added to the core-pulling circuit of the die-casting machine. When purchasing the equipment again, we put forward this request to the equipment manufacturer, which fundamentally solved the problem of core-pulling back.

(3) As the labor cost of the product realization process becomes higher and higher, the concept of "intelligent die-casting island" has been spawned in die-casting production, which means that the die-casting machine and peripheral equipment are reasonably linked through program control, and In the process of linkage, the maximum degree of automated production of die-casting products can greatly reduce the demand for personnel number and skills. The establishment of "smart die-casting island" of course requires a lot of financial support, and the cost of die-casting production will increase in the future. This must be determined comprehensively according to factors such as the use of the company's site, economic strength, added value of products, and local labor costs. Commonly used peripheral equipment include punch lubricating machine, soup feeding machine, sprayer, picking machine, release agent ratio machine, trimming machine and die-casting robot. The choice of these auxiliary machines needs to be determined according to the actual situation of each enterprise, to achieve fully automatic unmanned production as much as possible, to lift the dependence on the skills of operating workers, and to achieve stable product quality.

   The above is the dry cargo knowledge of equipment management in die casting workshop brought to you by Longhua Technology. We will update you in the next article about the acceptance of the equipment and the subsequent maintenance. Stay tuned.

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