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Matters needing attention in mold production


Matters needing attention in mold production

Before mold production, die caster should pay attention to the following requirements:

1.In the cold mold state or in the shift, or the machine is not normal production and other circumstances, you must re-adjust the switch, and the two block and pressurized off. So as not to cross the machine or damage the mold.

2.The handles, slag bags and wastes in the residual castings must be heated and dried on the furnace before adding the crucible to prevent spatter and injury.

3.Before the machine is opened, it must be started by inching, and start the machine under the condition of ensuring no abnormality of the machine. No abnormal conditions include: normal temperature of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, and open cooling water.

4.It is strictly prohibited to adjust the opening of the machine tool, dismantle or move the safety protection components and devices of the machine tool in the clamping mold state.

5.In the machine tool production process, must avoid the parting surface, in case of channeling aluminum, injury.

6.Power must be turned off when the machine is shut down, and the water inlet valve must be closed when the machine is shut down for a long time.

In winter, the water in the cooler must be drained to prevent the cooler from freezing.

Before casting production, the mold cavity, core, guide column, guide sleeve, ejector rod, reset rod, mold guide part and sliding part must be thoroughly brushed with oil.

If any abnormality is found in the casting production, it should be stopped and checked in time.Pay attention to safe production.

In the normal production process, the die caster must execute the correct die casting process requirements:

1.Spray correctly.

2.Brush oil on the relevant sliding parts on the mold.

3.Clean the residual aluminum slag products or any other foreign matter on the parting surface.

4.Control material temperature.

5.Control mold temperature (with mold temperature machine, mold cooling water or spray).

6.Control handle thickness. And according to the product quality, adjust the process in time.

In the die casting process, special attention should be paid to the mold cavity, parting surface and exhaust slot of the scum is clean, absolutely no residual aluminum slag or any other foreign matter.Try not to use hard tools such as file when cleaning, in order to avoid damage to the cavity surface, also to prevent mold failure, so please use air pump gun or copper rod tools to work.

1.In case the casting fails to come out or the casting is partially stuck in the cavity of the moving and static model, it is strictly prohibited to use a hard file or a power drill to remove it, so as to avoid damaging the mold and causing production stop-production failure.If there are more than one neutron core on the mold structure (neutron refers to the core moving by external force (oil cylinder connection) in the mold), and the core (pin) has interference with each other, you must be in strict accordance with the designer set the sequence of the core extraction or closure.

2.Mold in production and use for a period of time to tighten its components and effective mold maintenance, so to often keep mold parts clean, and remove the accumulation of aluminum debris and dirt on the moving parts, especially on parting surface, cavity, core, exhaust block, overflow tank more serious.Because the mold cavity surface in the die casting production molding process will often decompose low molecular compounds to corrosion mold cavity, so that the bright mold cavity surface gradually become dull and dull and reduce the quality of the product, so it needs regular cleaning and maintenance.Cleaning can be done with diesel or spark oil.After washing, dry the mold in time, and then paint the oil mixture inside the mold, so as to ensure the long-term effective use of the mold.

3.When starting up again after temporary shutdown, the slider limit of the mold should be checked to see whether it moves or not.After a period of mold production, to the mold and die casting machine connection of the fixed platen fastening inspection, to prevent falling off.

4.In the normal production process, regularly check the casting quality as required, and make relevant records.In case of any abnormality, repair or replace the mold in time.

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