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The 15th China (Shanghai) International casting Expo


Exhibition introduction

Visit time:

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 09:30-17:00

Thursday, October 31, 2019 09:00-17:00

Friday, November 01, 2019 09:00-14:00

    The 15th China (Shanghai) International Foundry Exhibition and the 15th China (Shanghai) International Casting Products Exhibition will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road) from October 30th to November 1st, 2019. Grandly held. The exhibits cover castings, casting molds, foundry materials, foundry equipment and castings. At that time, 700 foundry and related companies gathered, with an exhibition area of 60,000 square meters and more than 50,000 professional visitors. This year's exhibition will invite Chinese and world foundry manufacturers, materials and equipment giants to showcase new products, new technologies and new equipment with the requirements of “internationalization, specialization and high level”, thus helping the industry's top management to fully understand the global foundry industry chain. The latest trend, while creating a one-stop shopping platform for products, materials and equipment for the audience!

Exhibition scope

◆ Castings

1. Cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel castings, colored castings (aluminum, zinc, copper, magnesium), spheroidal castings, heat-resistant and wear-resistant castings; (precision casting, sand casting, investment casting, lost foam casting, centrifugal casting, gravity Casting, casting, high/low pressure casting, special casting, etc.).

2. Automobiles, motorcycles, pumps, motors, pipe fittings, bearings, machine tools, ships, wind power, internal combustion engines, diesel engines, construction machinery, rail transit, heavy machinery, mining machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, medical machinery, general machinery , power transmission and transformation, electronic communications, petrochemical, construction hardware, instrumentation, municipal engineering and other parts castings.

◆ Foundry equipment

Various types of melting furnaces, automatic pouring machines, molding lines, core making centers, sand mixing machines, sand processing equipment, sand recycling equipment, shot blasting equipment, die casting machines, low pressure casting machines, precision casting equipment, solid casting equipment, fast Molding equipment, cleaning and environmental protection equipment, dust removal and purification system, industrial cleaning technology equipment, aging treatment equipment, heat treatment equipment, casting die-casting mold, casting defect repair equipment, casting, casting, die-casting robot (manipulator), automatic casting finishing and polishing equipment.

Post-casting processing equipment: CNC lathes, machining centers, milling machines, grinding machines, drilling machines, shot blasting machines, polishing machines, sand blasting machines.

Measurement and testing equipment: rapid analyzer for chemical composition before furnace (direct reading spectrometer, CE thermal analyzer, CS analyzer), sand detector online detector, three-coordinate measuring instrument, thermometer, thickness gauge, endoscope, Hardness tester, non-destructive testing equipment (linear accelerator flaw detector), mechanical property testing machine, etc.

◆ Casting materials

Ferroalloy, non-ferrous metal, foundry coke, refining agent, inoculant, spheroidizing agent, creeping agent, slag removing agent, quartz sand, coated sand, chromite ore, abalone sand, bentonite, coal powder, recarburizer, Resin for casting, curing agent, paint, refractory for casting, silica sol, wax, insulation riser, filter, metal abrasive, steel shot, repair paste, etc.

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