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The adjustment method of the column frame part of the die casting machine


Due to the fast running speed, high clamping force and frequent work of the die-casting machine, the related parts of the column frame of the die-casting machine may become loose, and the assembly accuracy will gradually change, which cannot meet the working requirements of the die-casting machine. The column frame must be adjusted every six months. Some related parts are adjusted and tightened to prevent loosening.

  1. Adjust the parallelism of the working surface of the movable seat plate

The parallelism of the working surface of the dynamic setting seat plate is an important technical indicator to measure the working performance of the die casting machine. If the parallelism error is too large, it will seriously affect the normal operation and product quality of the die casting machine, and there may be flying materials and products. The flash edge is large, and it may even be broken due to uneven force on the pillar.

   2. Adjust the sliding feet of the middle plate

  The design of the sliding foot of the middle plate is to support part of the weight of the middle plate on the steel belt, reducing the weight of the middle plate borne by the coring column, thereby reducing the wear of the middle plate copper division and the coring column, and extending its service life. The adjustment of the sliding foot of the middle board should be properly tight. When the adjustment is too loose, the sliding foot will lose its proper function. When the adjustment is too tight, the friction resistance will increase significantly, which will seriously affect the mold opening and clamping movement.

  3. Regularly tighten the connecting screws of the thimble cylinder

   The thimble cylinder has a lot of work times, especially when the working pressure of the cylinder is set too high, the installation screws may loosen, and need to be checked regularly, and tightened in time when loosened.

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