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Bulk order Longhua 165KG personalised Die-casting special parts picking spray integrated robot

Longhua Intelligent Foundry provides robots with many tasks. Robot handling of sand castings can reduce damage. Robots for metal skimming, pouring and core assembly produce less waste and have less temperature variation.

Products Description

Products Description:

High-throughput and high precision make the ideal combination for automation

Trust our casting robots to help produce high-quality, precision parts with a superior surface finish. With many parts requiring up to 90% metal removal, performance of your casting processes is very important. Casting robots from Longhua provide faster cycle times, equating to a lower cost per part and increased machining capacity while avoiding adding equipment and increasing overhead.

We offer Metal Casting and Die Casting Foundries a wide range of cost-effective and flexible robotic solutions designed specifically for a wide variety of applications, including:

Casting Extraction

Core Assembly and Setting

Die Spray Cooling and Lubrication

Dross Skimming

Molten Metal Ladling

Quench, De-gate or Trim Press Load/Unload

Product details:

Product parameter diagram

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