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Oem custom design Longhua 20KG new generation die-casting robot

Longhua Die-casting robot .The national (exclusive) initiative, the function is similar to fanake, ABB, Kuka, Yaskawa and other foreign four families, the main function is: die-casting take parts, spray, grinding, cutting, other functions are: handling and stacking, welding, bending, etc. (one machine multi-purpose),commonly known as: universal robot.

Products Description

Longhua die-casting robot is jointly developed and manufactured by Chinese Academy of Sciences, AE, Longhua and Bengbu College.  It is a die-casting robot specially designed for die-casting manufacturers at home and abroad.  So far, it has won 874 patents (543 invention patents, 54 PCT) and 74 software Copyrights. 

Products Description:

Longhua Intelligent Foundry provides robots with many tasks. Robot handling of sand castings can reduce damage. Robots for metal skimming, pouring and core assembly produce less waste and have less temperature variation.

Die casting machine smoothing, metal molten water casting, demoulding spraying, metal excess edge cutting are excellent applications of casting robots. The production of high quality castings requires consistent process time, and the use of advanced casting robot automation technology is very advantageous.

Our Advantages:

1. Optimized overall design, reliable and stable structure.

2. Excellent motor heat dissipation structure

3. It enjoys a high reputation for accuracy and reliability.

4. High IP protection level, can work in harsh environment.

Product details:

Parameter Name
Technical Parameter
Load capacity (kg)

Working range (mm)

Number of control axes
6-axis series multi-joint

Repeat positioning accuracy (mm)


Weight (kg)


Placement method

Ground mounted/Hoisting

Robot software


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