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LH-HPDC 120T Aluminum Alloy Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine For Small Aluminum Die Casting

The small aluminum die-casting machine has the characteristics of high-efficiency production, precision machining, flexibility and adjustability, automatic control, energy saving and environmental protection, multi-functionality, cost control and quality control. It can meet the production needs of small aluminum alloy die-casting parts and ensure Product quality is stable and reliable.

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Products Description

Small aluminum die casting machine


Features of small aluminum die casting machine:
1. High-efficiency production: Small aluminum die-casting machines have high-efficiency production 

capabilities and can quickly and stably produce a large number of small aluminum alloy die-casting parts 

to meet production needs.
2. Precision processing: The small aluminum die-casting machine has high-precision processing 

capabilities, which can ensure that the size, shape and surface quality of the die-casting parts meet 

the design requirements and ensure product quality.

3. Flexibility and adjustability: Small aluminum die-casting machines need to have strong flexibility 

and adjustability, and can be adjusted and customized according to the requirements of different 

die-casting parts to meet customer needs.
4. Automated control system: The small aluminum die-casting machine is equipped with an advanced 

automated control system to achieve fully automatic production, reduce manual intervention, and 

improve production efficiency and consistency.
5. Energy saving and environmental protection: Modern small aluminum die-casting machines use 

energy-saving technology and environmentally friendly materials to reduce energy consumption and 

emissions and meet environmental protection requirements.
6. Versatility: Small aluminum die-casting machines can be used to process a variety of aluminum 

alloy materials to meet the needs of different applications.
7. Cost control: The production of small aluminum die-casting machines needs to consider cost 

control, including material costs, production process costs, labor costs, etc., to ensure that product 

prices are competitive.
8. Quality control: Small aluminum die-casting machines need to be equipped with a strict quality 

control system to ensure that the quality of the aluminum alloy die-casting parts produced is stable 

and reliable and meets relevant standards and requirements.


LH series of standard parameter table (120U)
ITEMS Unit Specification
Clamping Force KN 1400
Opening stroke mm 350
Die thickness(Min--Max) mm 200~500
Space between tie bars mm 420*420
Ejector stroke mm 80
Ejector force KN 100
Injection position(0 as center) mm 0,-100
Injection force(intensification) KN 180
Injection stroke mm 320
Plunger diameter mm ¢40 ¢50 ¢60
lnjection weight(aluminum) Kg 1.3
Casting pressure (intensification) MPa 143/92/64
Max. casting area(40Mpa) CM2 350
Injection plunger penetration mm 120
Diameter of pressure chamber flange mm 110
Height of pressure chamber flange mm 10
Max.working pressure MPa 12
Motor power Kw 11
Dimensions  (L*W*H) m 4.6*1.2*1.5
Machine lifting reference weight T 4.5
Oil tank capacity L 300
(Due to the continuous progress of science and technology,the picture,parameter configuration,etc, 

will not be changed without notice)

zinc die casting machine

Features of small aluminum die castings:
1. Lightweight design: Aluminum is a lightweight metal. Small aluminum die-casting parts 

have a lighter weight and are suitable for applications that require lightweight products, 

such as automobiles, aerospace and other fields.

2. High strength and hardness: Although the density of aluminum is relatively low, small 

aluminum die-casting parts can obtain high strength and hardness after the die-casting 

process, which can meet the strength requirements of the product.

3. Excellent thermal conductivity: Aluminum has good thermal conductivity. Small aluminum 

die castings can effectively conduct heat and are suitable for products that require good 

heat dissipation performance, such as electronic equipment, automobile engine parts, etc.

4. Excellent processability: Aluminum has good processability. Small aluminum die castings 

are easy to process into parts of various shapes and sizes, and are suitable for products 

requiring complex structures and high precision.

5. Good corrosion resistance: Aluminum has good corrosion resistance and can maintain 

stable performance in humid or corrosive environments, making it suitable for products 

that require long-term use.

6. High plasticity: Aluminum has a high degree of plasticity in the die-casting process,

 and can produce aluminum parts of various complex shapes to meet the diverse needs 

of product design.

7. Good surface treatment performance: Small aluminum die-casting parts can show 

good appearance and surface quality after surface treatment, and are suitable for 

products that require exquisite appearance.

8. High cost-effectiveness: The price of aluminum is relatively low, coupled with the high 

efficiency and low cost of the die-casting process, making small aluminum die-casting 

parts highly cost-effective and suitable for mass production.

Small aluminum alloy die castings

Bengbu Longhua Die Casting Machine Co.,Lid is a company based in Bengbu City,Anhui Province,
China.It specializes in the manufacturing of die casting machines and related equipment.
Established in 1982,Longhua Die Casting Machine Co.,Ltd has been involved in the die casting 
industry for several decades.The company focuses on research,development,production,and 
sales of various types of die casting machines.The company's product range covers cold chamber 
die-casting machines,die-casting manipulators,industrial robots and peripheral equipment of 
die-casting machines to meet the needs of different customers.

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