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LH-HPDC 160T Factory Direct Supply New Horizontal Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

Factory direct sales of die-casting machines can provide better, more reliable, and more flexible products and services, meet customers' diverse needs for die-casting equipment, and provide customers with a better purchasing experience and after-sales support.

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Products Description

aluminium pressure die casting machine price

Features of cold chamber die casting machine:
1. High pressure and high precision: The cold chamber die casting machine can provide a high-pressure casting 

process to ensure that the die-casting parts have good compactness and high-precision dimensional control, 

making the product quality more stable.
2. Suitable for large parts: Cold chamber die casting machines are usually suitable for the production of large 

die castings, such as automobile engine casings, aerospace engine parts, etc., which can meet the production 

needs of products with high size and structure requirements.
3. Reduce pores and shrinkage porosity: Since the cold chamber die casting machine uses a closed die-casting 

chamber, defects such as gas pores and material shrinkage can be effectively reduced during the casting process, 

improving the compactness and internal quality of the product.
4. High temperature control: The cold chamber die casting machine can precisely control the temperature of the 

die casting chamber to ensure that the molten metal maintains a suitable temperature when injected into the mold, 

improving the surface quality and forming performance of the product.
5. Reliable injection system: The cold chamber die casting machine is equipped with a reliable metal injection 

system, which can ensure the stability and uniformity of the metal liquid during the injection process, improving 

product consistency and quality stability.

6. Rapid cooling system: Cold chamber die casting machines are usually equipped with a rapid cooling system, 

which can speed up the cooling speed of castings, reduce production cycles, and improve production efficiency.
7. Energy saving and environmental protection: The cold chamber die casting machine can effectively control 

energy consumption during the production process, reduce waste generation, meet environmental protection 

requirements, and improve the sustainability of production.
8. Automation control: Cold chamber die casting machines are usually equipped with advanced automation 

control systems, which can achieve fully automated production, reduce manual intervention, and improve 

the stability and consistency of the production line.
aluminum die+casting machine


LH series of standard parameter table (160 G)
ITEMS Unit Specification
Clamping Force KN 1600
Opening stroke mm 360
Die thickness(Min--Max) mm 200~550
Space between tie bars mm 440*440
Ejector stroke mm 80
Ejector force KN 100
Injection position(0 as center) mm 0 ,-  140
Injection force(intensification) KN 180
Injection stroke mm 320
Plunger diameter mm ¢40 ¢50 ¢60
lnjection weight(aluminum) Kg 1.5
Casting pressure (intensification) MPa 143/92/64
Max. casting area(40Mpa) CM2 400
Injection plunger penetration mm 120
Diameter of pressure chamber flange mm 110
Height of pressure chamber flange mm 10
Max.working pressure MPa 12
Motor power Kw 11
Dimensions  (L*W*H) m 5.2*1.5*2.05
Machine lifting reference weight T 5.2
Oil tank capacity L 500

(Due to the continuous progress of science and technology,the picture,parameter configuration,etc, 

will not be changed without notice)

die casting machine spare parts

Features of factory-direct die-casting machines include:
1. Original factory guarantee: If you purchase a die-casting machine directly from the manufacturer, you can 

get direct guarantee and service support from the original factory to ensure the reliability of product quality 

and after-sales service.
2. Product customization: Factory direct sales can usually provide more flexible customized services,

customizing the production of die-casting machines according to customer needs to meet the specific 

requirements of different customers.

3. Price advantage: You may enjoy a price advantage by purchasing a die-casting machine directly from the 

manufacturer, eliminating the profit of the middleman and obtaining a more competitive price.
4. Controllable product quality: Direct sales from manufacturers can better control product quality, ensure that 

products meet standard requirements, and reduce quality fluctuations that may be caused by intermediate links.

5. Timely after-sales service: Direct purchase of die-casting machines can provide timely after-sales service 

support. Manufacturers can respond to customer needs more quickly and provide after-sales technical 

support and maintenance services.

6. Professional technical support: Factory direct sales can usually provide professional technical support, 

including equipment operation training, maintenance guidance, etc., to help customers better use and 

maintain die-casting machine equipment.
7. Reputation guarantee: Factory direct sales can provide more reliable products and services, establish

 good reputation and reputation, and provide customers with more reliable cooperation guarantee.

Die casting machine manufacturer introduction

Bengbu Longhua Die Casting Machine Co.,Lid is a company based in Bengbu City,Anhui Province,China.It 
specializes in the manufacturing of die casting machines and related equipment.
Established in 1982,Longhua Die Casting Machine Co.,Ltd has been involved in the die casting industry for 
several decades.The company focuses on research,development,production,and sales of various types of 
die casting machines.The company's product range covers cold chamber die-casting machines,die-casting 
manipulators,industrial robots and peripheral equipment of die-casting machines to meet the needs of 
different customers.

in a cold chamber die casting machine

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