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LH-HPDC 450T Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine For Producing Motorcycle Parts

Die-cast motorcycle parts have excellent strength, wear resistance and precision, and can meet the needs of the motorcycle manufacturing industry for high-quality, high-performance parts. These accessories play an important role in improving the overall performance of motorcycles, reducing costs and improving user experience.

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horizontal cold chamber die casting machine


Features of motorcycle parts die-casting machine:
1. Miniaturized design: Motorcycle parts are usually relatively small, so motorcycle parts die-casting 

machines often adopt miniaturized designs to adapt to the production needs of small parts.

2. High strength requirements: Motorcycle parts usually need to withstand high pressure and impact, 

so the motorcycle parts die-casting machine needs to have sufficient die-casting capacity and material 

strength to ensure that the parts produced have good strength and durability.

3. Precision machining: The size of motorcycle parts is usually small, so the accuracy requirements are 

high. The motorcycle parts die-casting machine needs to have high-precision processing capabilities to 

ensure that the size and shape of the parts meet the design requirements.

4. High-efficiency production: The motorcycle market is highly competitive, and production efficiency is 

crucial to manufacturers. Therefore, motorcycle parts die-casting machines need to have high-efficiency 

production capabilities and be able to produce large quantities of parts quickly and stably.

5. Diversified materials: Motorcycle accessories usually use a variety of materials, including aluminum 

alloy, magnesium alloy, etc. The motorcycle parts die-casting machine needs to have the ability to adapt 

to the casting of multiple materials to meet the production needs of different parts.

6. Flexibility and adjustability: The designs of motorcycle accessories are diverse, so the motorcycle parts 

die-casting machine needs to have strong flexibility and adjustability, and can be adjusted and customized 

according to the requirements of different accessories.
7. Quality Control: The quality of motorcycle accessories is crucial to safety and performance. The 

motorcycle parts die-casting machine needs to have a strict quality control system to ensure that the 

quality of the parts produced is stable and reliable.

8. Energy conservation and environmental protection: Although production efficiency is crucial, energy 

conservation and environmental protection are also important trends in modern industry. The motorcycle 

parts die-casting machine needs to be energy-saving and environmentally friendly to reduce energy 

consumption and emissions and comply with environmental protection requirements.

Characteristics of motorcycle parts die-casting machine

LH series of standard parameter table (450 t)
ITEMS Unit Specification
Clamping Force KN 4500
Opening stroke mm 580
Die thickness(Min--Max) mm 320~800
Space between tie bars mm 760*660
Ejector stroke mm 120
Ejector force KN 240
Injection position(0 as center) mm 0,-220
Injection force(intensification) KN 450
Injection stroke mm 580
Plunger diameter mm ¢70 ¢80 ¢90
lnjection weight(aluminum) Kg 6.9
Casting pressure (intensification) MPa 135/117/92
Max. casting area(40Mpa) CM2 1250
Injection plunger penetration mm 250
Diameter of pressure chamber flange mm 130
Height of pressure chamber flange mm 15
Max.working pressure MPa 14
Motor power Kw 22
Dimensions  (L*W*H) m 7.7*2.1*3.1
Machine lifting reference weight T 20
Oil tank capacity L 1000
(Due to the continuous progress of science and technology,the picture,parameter configuration,etc, 

will not be changed without notice)

die cast machine for sale

Die-cast motorcycle parts are motorcycle parts manufactured using die-casting technology, usually 

made of aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy or other metal alloys. The manufacturing process of 

these accessories involves heating the metal to a liquid state and then injecting it into a predesigned 

mold through high pressure, ultimately forming the desired motorcycle accessory product. Here are 

some common types of die-cast motorcycle accessories and their features:
1.Engine parts: Die-casting technology can be used to manufacture various parts of motorcycle 

engines, such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, crankcases, etc. These parts often require high 

strength and wear resistance to ensure proper engine operation and long-term reliability.

2.Frame components: Die-casting technology can also be used to manufacture various components 

of motorcycle frames, such as frame side panels, frame connectors, etc. These components usually 

need to have excellent strength and rigidity to ensure the stability and safety of the vehicle while 

3.Wheel parts: Die-casting technology can manufacture various parts of motorcycle wheels, such as 

hubs, spokes, rims, etc. These parts need to be lightweight and high-strength to improve vehicle 

handling and driving stability.

4.Appearance decoration parts: Some motorcycle accessories are designed as appearance decoration 

parts, such as fuel tank caps, seat back shells, etc. These accessories often feature exquisite designs 

and finishes that enhance the vehicle's appearance and match the overall style of the vehicle.
5.Control system parts: Various parts of the motorcycle control system, such as brake handles, 

clutch handles, etc., can also be manufactured through die-casting technology. These parts need 

to have good wear resistance and operating feel to ensure vehicle handling and driving safety.

Bengbu Longhua Die Casting Machine Co.,Lid is a company based in Bengbu City,Anhui Province,

China.It specializes in the manufacturing of die casting machines and related equipment.
Established in 1982,Longhua Die Casting Machine Co.,Ltd has been involved in the die casting 

industry for several decades.The company focuses on research,development,production,and 

sales of various types of die casting machines.The company's product range covers cold chamber 

die-casting machines,die-casting manipulators,industrial robots and peripheral equipment of 

die-casting machines to meet the needs of different customers.

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