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LH-HPDC 800T Aluminium Alloy Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine For Making Radiator 600mm

LH-800T cold chamber die casting machine is an aluminum alloy die-casting equipment with a locking force of up to 8000KN. It is widely used in the production of aluminum alloy die castings such as radiators (with a center distance of 600mm and one mold cavity), automotive parts, LED lamp housings, etc.

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Products Description

LH-800T die casting machine


LH-800T die-casting machine is a large-scale die-casting equipment, and its characteristics and advantages mainly include the following aspects:

1. High pressure: LH- 800T die-casting machine has a strong pressure capacity and can apply approximately 800 tons of pressure, making it suitable for casting large components or workpieces that require high pressure;

2. High precision: This type of die-casting machine is usually equipped with advanced control systems and precision die-casting molds, which can achieve high-precision casting processing, ensuring the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the product;

3. High efficiency: LH-800T die-casting machine has a large impact force and injection speed, which can quickly complete the casting process, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.

4. Multifunctionality: It can be used to cast various metal alloys, such as aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, zinc alloys, etc., and can also be used to produce various types of components, with strong applicability and flexibility.

5. High degree of automation: Some LH-800T die-casting machines are equipped with automation devices and intelligent control systems, which can achieve automated production, reduce manual intervention, improve production efficiency and quality stability.

In summary, LH-800T die-casting machine has the advantages of high pressure, high precision, high efficiency, multifunctionality,  and high degree of automation, and is suitable for the casting and processing needs of various industrial fields.

Parameter Table

LH Series of Standard Parameter Table (800T)
ITEMS Unit Specification
Clamping Force KN 8000
Opening stroke mm 760
Die thickness(Min--Max) mm 400~950
Space between tie bars mm 910*910
Ejector stroke mm 180
Ejector force KN 315
Injection position(0 as center) mm 0,-250
Injection force(intensification) KN 680
Injection stroke mm 760
Plunger diameter mm ¢80 ¢90 ¢100
lnjection weight(aluminum) Kg 11.2
Casting pressure (intensification) MPa 135/106/86
Max. casting area(40Mpa) CM2 2000
Injection plunger penetration mm 295
Diameter of pressure chamber flange mm 200
Height of pressure chamber flange mm 20
Max.working pressure MPa 14
Motor power Kw 30
Dimensions  (L*W*H) m 8.7*2.5*3
Machine lifting reference weight T 38
Oil tank capacity L 1300
(Due to the continuous progress of science and technology,the picture,parameter configuration,etc, will not be changed without notice)


LH-800T die casting machine has high pressure and flexible processing capabilities, which can be used to produce products from various industries, especially suitable for casting large components that require high strength and precision.

1.Automotive components: such as engine parts, transmission parts, brake system parts, suspension system parts, etc.

2.Electronic product casings: such as laptop casings, phone casings, camera casings, etc.

3.Industrial machinery parts: such as industrial robot parts, pump bodies, valves, etc.

4.Home appliance accessories: such as radiator(600mm),air conditioning casing, washing machine casing, refrigerator parts, etc.

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