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LH-HPDC 2500T Automatic Large Aluminum Alloy Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

The large-scale high-pressure horizontal cold chamber aluminum alloy die-casting machine has excellent properties such as high-pressure injection capability, horizontal structural design, advanced cooling system, precise control system, high efficiency and stability, reliable safety system and wide range of applications. It is One of the important equipment in aluminum alloy die-casting processing.

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Products Description

Cast Shell Die Casting Machine

The large-scale high-pressure horizontal cold chamber aluminum alloy die-casting machine has many excellent 

properties, making it an important equipment for aluminum alloy die-casting processing

Here are some of the main performance features of this type of die casting machine:

1. High-pressure injection capability: This type of die-casting machine usually has high-pressure injection 

capability, which can provide enough pressure to quickly inject aluminum alloy materials into the mold to ensure 

that the castings are filled evenly, thereby producing high-quality aluminum alloy castings.

2. Horizontal structural design: The horizontal structural design makes operation more convenient. Operators can 

enter the work area from the side or above to perform mold replacement, cleaning and maintenance, etc., which 

improves the convenience and safety of operation.
3. Advanced cooling system: This type of die-casting machine is usually equipped with an advanced cooling 

system, which can effectively control the cooling rate of the casting to ensure a uniform grain structure inside 

the casting and improve the mechanical properties of the casting.

4. Precise control system: Large-scale high-pressure horizontal cold chamber aluminum alloy die-casting machines 

usually adopt advanced control systems, which can achieve precise control of injection speed, pressure, 

temperature and other parameters to meet the processing requirements of different castings.

5. High efficiency and high stability: This type of die-casting machine has high production efficiency and high 

stability, which can meet the needs of large-scale production, improve production efficiency and ensure stable 

product quality.
6. Reliable safety system: In order to ensure the safety of operators and equipment, large-scale high-pressure 

horizontal cold chamber aluminum alloy die-casting machines are usually equipped with reliable safety systems, 

including emergency stop devices, safety shields, safety light curtains, etc., to ensure that during operation Stop 

the machine in time in case of emergency and prevent accidental injuries.
7. Wide range of applications: This type of die-casting machine is suitable for processing aluminum alloy castings 

of various shapes and sizes, and can be widely used in parts manufacturing in automobiles, aerospace, 

electronic products and other fields.


LH series of standard parameter table (2500 t)
ITEMS Unit Specification
Clamping Force KN 25000
Opening stroke mm 1500
Die thickness(Min--Max) mm 800~1800
Space between tie bars mm 1500*1500
Ejector stroke mm 300
Ejector force KN 750
Injection position(0 as center) mm -200,-400
Injection force(intensification) KN 1800
Injection stroke mm 1050
Plunger diameter mm ¢140----¢180
lnjection weight(aluminum) Kg 50
Casting pressure (intensification) MPa 110/66
Max. casting area(40Mpa) CM2 6250
Injection plunger penetration mm 450
Diameter of pressure chamber flange mm 280
Height of pressure chamber flange mm 30
Max.working pressure MPa 16
Motor power Kw 75*2
Dimensions  (L*W*H) m 14.7*5*5
Machine lifting reference weight T 160
Oil tank capacity L 4700
(Due to the continuous progress of science and technology,the picture,parameter configuration,etc.

will not be changed without notice)

aluminum die casting led housing

Aluminum alloy die casting machine safety operating procedures
1. Before starting the aluminum alloy die-casting machine, you first need to place the pressure reducing valve 

handle in the pressure relief position of the pressure reducing valve until the motor runs normally, and then 

loosen the pressure reducing valve handle.
2. The aluminum alloy die-casting machine must heat the model to the specified temperature before injection, 

and then press it into the metal solution.
3. A protective baffle should be installed at the contact point between the mold parting surface and the gate. 

Operators must wear protective glasses. Operators must not stand on the opposite side of the parting surface 

contact. Prevent metal liquid splash damage.
4. Never bring open flames near the fuel tank. When the tank temperature exceeds the specified operating 

temperature of the equipment, water cooling should be used.
5. Tools should be used when removing castings and casting risers from die casting molds. After the casting 

is dismantled, the metal slag stuck on the mold and pores should be removed in time.

6. After the work is completed, the oil pump must be stopped and all valves closed. If the holding furnace 

is used to keep metal liquid warm, the power supply should be turned off and the ventilation equipment 

on the holding furnace should be stopped.

aluminium die casting machine

Bengbu Longhua Die Casting Machine Co.,Lid is a company based in Bengbu City,Anhui Province,
China.It specializes in the manufacturing of die casting machines and related equipment.
Established in 1982,Longhua Die Casting Machine Co.,Ltd has been involved in the die casting 
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